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Other Information PT LOKA REFRACTORIES WIRA JATIM img 7399
Other Information PT LOKA REFRACTORIES WIRA JATIM img 7399


Berpengalaman lebih dari 100 TAHUN memproduksi Refractory Material
Estabilished in 1919, PT. Loka Refractories Wira Jatim is a manufacturer that supplies refractory materials for industries that requires high temperature in their production process such as glass, ceramic, cement, oil, fertilizer, and plywood industry.
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High Alumina Brick
Formed Refractory
High Alumina Brick
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Gunning Material
Ladle Brick
Formed Refractory
Ladle Brick
Insulating Fire Brick
Formed Refractory
Insulating Fire Brick

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6 Industries that Require Refractory Materials6 Industries that Require Refractory Materials

Loka Refractories - Did you know that refractory materials contribute to our daily lives? Refractory materials actually have a big role in the existence of things we need everyday such as fuel, vehicles, electricity, shelter, and many more. That's what makes refractory materials the foundation of the following industries. Want to know anything? Check out the explanation below! 6 Industries that Require Refractory Materials 1. Smelters Smelter is an industry that processes mining products so that the metal content increases. Smelter itself comes from the word smelting, namely the separation of pure metal from metal ore. The process of separating pure metals from metal ores requires very high temperatures. This is where refractory materials come into play. 2. Cement industry In the cement industry, refractory materials have a role as a protector of the steel shell and kiln shell from hot material, gas temperature, and abrasion. In addition, the refractory plays a role in controlling the flow of material through the kiln. Refractory materials that are alkaline are often used by this industry. 3. Iron and steel industry Various kinds of refractories are required in the production of iron and steel to operate the furnace. Refractory materials are usually applied to the backup zone and working interface of the furnace according to their functions, including molding, mixing, transferring hot molten metal, molten steel and slag. 4. Glass and ceramics industry Glass and ceramics are produced through a combustion process using a kiln/furnace oven. Refractory material is a crucial component of the oven. The use of refractory materials plays a role in perfect combustion so as to produce quality products. 5. Chemical and gas industry The chemical and gas industry involves very high heat and pressure energy, so a refractory material is needed. Refractory materials with high alumina and insulation are needed in reformers, furnaces, reactors, burners, and many more. 6. Aluminum industry The aluminum production process requires very high temperatures, such as in the refining and melting processes. Various kinds of refractory materials are commonly applied to ladles and furnaces depending on the process. Industries that require refractory materials are not limited to those listed above. There are still many other industries with various scales that require refractories. For the sake of your industries, it is necessary to use good quality materials because refractory failure can cause substantial losses. Want to get quality refractory material? Call us now! LOKA REFRACTORIES E-mail: [email protected] Tel : (031) 7663307, 0821-4280-8500

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Celebrating their 104th Anniversary Loka Refractories is Ready to Tread the Challenges of a New EraCelebrating their 104th Anniversary, Loka Refractories is Ready to Tread the Challenges of a New Era
Loka Refractories - We extend our deepest gratitude on the 104th anniversary of PT. Loka Refractories Wira Jatim on January 17, 2022.

We commemorate this happy day in an event which was attended by representatives of PT. PWU Jatim, subsidiary representatives of PT. PWU East Java, the board of commissioners, directors AND all employees of Loka Refractories.

The event began with remarks from Loka Refractories' Director and Main Commissioner, and Director of PT. PWU Jawa Timur.

Then the event continued with the crowning of the best employee of 2022 who was chosen by all employees of Loka Refactories.

As a form of gratitude to the Almighty God, the Director of PT. Refractories Workshop cut a tumpeng that was given to the best employee as a form of appreciation for their performance throughout 2022.

After cutting the tumpeng, a small donation was also given to orphans.

Loka Refractories' anniversary ended with spiritual cleansing and prayer readings led by the Commissioner of PT. Refractories Workshop.

Thank you for all the support during our 104 years journey. In the future, we will rise to the challenges of the new era with continuous innovation based on shared strength and the spirit of kinship.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Refractory Product The Importance of Specifications ComplianceTips for Choosing the Right Refractory Product: The Importance of Specifications Compliance
Loka Refractories - Choosing the right refractory product is crucial considering that refractories have a wide range of products. This is important to keep the industry awake.

So, how do you choose the right product?

Here are some tips for choosing the right refractory product for your industry. Scroll down now!

Tips for Choosing the Right Refractory Product

1. Adjust material specifications with the type of furnace and its application

Every industry that needs refractory materials operates a variety of furnaces with different functions.

They definitely need materials with different specifications and application methods too, right?

Therefore determining the appropriate specifications for refractory products is very important in order to avoid various damage problems such as failure, cracks, and so on.

The most common failure of refractory product applications is caused by slag attack. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the specification of the slag resistance of the material.

In addition to slag resistance, it is also important to pay attention to other mechanical and technical specifications such as:

- Operating temperature not to be above the service limit so as not to weaken the material or melt it.

- Chemical suitability of the furnace environment.

- Resistance to high temperature loads so they won't collapse.

- Resistance to abrasion and mechanical impact.

- Minimum heat loss and maximum heat conservation to prevent the heat to come out from the furnace.

Various problems due to choosing the wrong product will only add to the cost and effort. Besides that, it can also hinder the maintenance of the industry.

2. Perform the aging of refractory products

Considering the product life of a refractory material can determine the timing and cost of maintenance and repairs.

3. Consult first

If you have not been able to determine the most suitable refractory products, it is highly recommended to consult with an expert first.

That way you will get a product with the best specifications.

4. Choose quality products from the Refractory Shop

You certainly want a refractory product with the best specifications and longevity, right?

Loka Refractories is ready to meet the needs of high quality refractory materials for your industry!

Call us now! We are ready to answer all your questions.

E-mail : [email protected]
Phone : 031-7663307
Whatsapp : 0821-4280-8500
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