Mortar Vs Castable Refractories, What

Mortar Vs Castable Refractories, What's The Difference?

Loka Refractories - In this article, we will discuss the differences between mortar and castable, two types of monolithic refractories.

Some people may be confused by the difference between mortar and castable, because in terms of shape the two materials are quite familiar. Both are monolithic refractories in the form of dry grains.

In fact, the two materials are practically similar but not the same. Want to know the difference? Check out the info in this article!


Mortar is a refractory cement that functions as a refractory brick adhesive. Therefore, the type of mortar must be in accordance with the type of brick applied.

Before use, it is necessary to add water or other additives to the fire mortar.

There are two types of mortar, namely heat setting and air setting. Heat setting mortar is in the form of dry granules and will only harden after being heated causing sintering.

While air setting is in the form of a paste and can harden immediately after contact with air.


Castable or refractory cast is a monolithic refractory material that can be applied on floors and walls of boilers, furnsces, kilns, or shaped as needed. Castable also can be shaped as needed so that it can be installed in parts where it is not possible to install refractory stones.

Before application, castable must be mixed with clean water. As with heat setting mortar, castable is in the form of dry granules.

Castable is classified into several types based on its CaO content, namely Regular castable, Low Cement Castable, and Ultra Low Cement Castable.

Differences of Mortars and Castables

Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that the differences between mortar and castable are:

Mortar serves as an adhesive for refractory bricks, while castable could be served as a substitute for refractory bricks.

Mortars and castables can be applied to lining furnaces, boilers, kilns, similar instruments which experience direct contact with heat and flames.

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Article Mortar Vs Castable Refractories, What
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